Diversity matters, especially in the media

This project stems from the collaboration between the Lithuanian Journalism Centre (Lietuvos žurnalistikos centras - LZC) and, with the goal of raising awareness about media’s role in reproducing and reinforcing gender inequalities.

For almost 6 months, the research team involved in the project has collected and categorized media pieces that appeared in Lithuanian news, creating the first database of this kind monitoring representation of experts in the country’s media.

This data journalism project is supported by the Stars4Media programme. The programme encourages and sponsors news media innovations across Europe. Our project, titled “Rich Media: Increasing Diversity of Experts’ Voices in Journalism’ has been one of 18 selected from 82 proposals.

Experts’ search engine, moderating the Network of Journalists and Experts on our social media, the media monitoring effort from 01/01/2021 and 31/12/2021, and part of data analysis have been implemented with the support of the Swedish Institute and the Swedish Embassy in the framework of the project “News Media Alliance for the Quality Journalism”.

The project team maintained editorial independence from the project funders.