About the team

Lithuanian Journalism Centre / Lietuvos žurnalistikos centras - LZC

Lithuanian Journalism Centre is a non profit organisation that specialises in journalism education, media literacy training, and applied media research. A network of professionals and academics seeking to foster innovation in media organisations, provide the interested parties with analytics and insight about Lithuanian journalism and communication. The goal of activities of Lithuanian Journalism Centre is to support journalists and media organisations in improving the quality of journalism and the overall public sphere in Lithuania. The data journalism project presented here is one such example and attempt.

Lithuanian Journalism Centre’s team members involved in the project:

Džina Donauskaitė: Project coordinator and Senior reporter
Ugnė Mažonaitė: Data journalist
Ieva Vinickytė: Junior reporter, responsible for development of experts’ list
Kranthi Kumar Kamsanpalli: Senior Data analyst
Saulius Šimukauskas: IT support is the first studio that focuses on designing informative experiences: projects that tend to decrease the distance between reality and perception, highly immersive experiences capable of informing an audience on complex and multifaceted topics. A group of professionals and academics funds the newborn studio to bridge the gap between industry and university, applying the research carried out by Matteo Moretti (DJA 2015 winner) during the years of work at the Free University of Bolzano on data journalism, giving particular importance to the world of public institutions, social and third-sector entrepreneurship. Our background allows us to design regardless of a specific medium: audience, content, and context are the parameters on which we go reason collaboratively with all stakeholders to produce memorable experiences.

Sheldon’s team members involved in the project:

Maurizio Lepore: Project coordinator
Matteo Moretti: Creative director + designer
Daniel Rampanelli: Front-end developer
Alice Corona: Data journalist
Massimiliano Massetti: Junior front-end developer + Data analyst